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93 games nominated for 2015's IMGAs

Posted by Alysia Judge  February 4th, 2015 - 06:30pm

The final nominees for the 11th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards have been announced following a 48-hour judging session in Marseille.

The awards aim to celebrate the best mobile games of the year, including those with technical excellence, moving stories, and beautiful design.

From 26 29 January, a jury made up of journalists, publishers, developers and industry experts descended on the French city to whittle through over 1,000 entrants from across the globe.

It marked the biggest year of the awards yet, with the entrants whittled down by the judges to just 93 nominees. The creators of these games are now invited to the IMGA ceremony taking place on 3 March at GDC in San Francisco.

"An IMGA nomination gives an independent proof of quality, not linked to any publication, corporation or platform," IMGA's founder and CEO, Maarten Noyons, told us.

"In a world where thousands of games are coming out each month, this type of distinction is important."

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Did the $15 million spent on Super Bowl XLIX UA ads score app store success?

Posted by Alysia Judge  February 5th, 2015 - 07:00pm

While online chatter has been buzzing over the abundance of mobile game ads at the 2015 Super Bowl, until now wee had no concrete figures working out whether the expensive commercials scored success for their makers.

A new blog courtesy of App Figures has shone light on whether forking out for a Super Bowl ad slot boosted app store rankings for Clash of Clans, Game of War and Heroes Charge.

Between them, it's estimated that the companies spent around $15 million.

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AppLift and NewZoo latest report finds global mobile games market to double by 2016

Posted by AppLift  October 29, 2013 9:00 AM

In a joint market-analysis effort, mobile game-marketing platform AppLift and global game-market research firm Newzoo are working together to investigate the appeal of various areas of the world for mobile game publishers, shedding light on the growth opportunities, monetization potential, and user-acquisition costs.

he mobile games market has been growing extremely fast and is rapidly changing across different regions. Data is key to understand these market developments,said Kaya Taner, the CEO and cofounder of AppLift. ewzoo market stats combined with the mobile games marketing insights AppLift gained from working with over 100 partners enable game publishers to make informed decisions.

The major findings of the analysis are summarized in he Global Mobile Games Landscape,an infographic [below] that provides insights on global and regional mobile gaming data across six regions. Both macro- and individual-player level data is included as well as a concluding regional appeal score for mobile game publishers.

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